Currently, 92 percent of home buyers using the Internet or real estate search apps to aide in their search for a new home. Which is actually surprising to us. We we’re thinking somewhere in the 100% range. With only 20 seconds to make a good first impression, high quality and engaging photos are an absolute must. Hiring a professional real estate photographer can be the difference of getting a home sold quickly and for your price.

We all have great camera phones. Whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung, you probably have at least a 10 megapixel camera attached to your phone and ready for use at all times. So why bother hiring someone?

In 2014, Redfin found that homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million dollars, that had listing photos taken by a professional with a high quality DSLR camera sell for $3,400 to $11,200 more on average.

That same study also found that even across all prices tiers, homes with professional photographs were more likely to sell within 6 months. High quality photos don’t just look better in print. Images that are sharp, bright and clear show better detail and give your home a high end, luxurious feel.

High Quality Real Estate Photography Charleston SC

So, how can you prepare your home for a professional photographer?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve compile a list to help you or your client get their home ready for professional photographs.

Interior Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Photographer

  • De-clutter all flat surfaces. Floors, counters, desks, coffee tables, islands, etc. Just like staging a home for walk-throughs.
    • Especially important for Kitchen counters. The goal is of course to make the kitchen look open and spacious and like it can fit ALL of your kitchen appliances and gadgets. Clearing them all off the counters promotes the feeling of space and possibility.
  • Buy bulk light bulbs in the same “color.”
    • Make sure all the lamps, and lights are all in the same family of hues. With all the choices of light bulbs we have now, it can be difficult to match warm soft light from one brand to another.
  • The general rule with blinds is to have them open and facing up, unless there is a view you’re showing off, of course.
  • Remove extra cords from view, like phone chargers or toys. Try to hide or straighten any lamp cords that need to remain in sight.
  • In Bathrooms and Kitchens, remove and “product placements.” Which includes items like your Lysol toilet cleaner, Bath and Body Works soaps, Shampoos, etc. Remove labels on cleaner, better looking bottles.
  • Hide pet toys, crates, beds, and food/water bowls.
  • Fresh flowers, bowls of fruit and art books add interest and pops of color.
  • Turn off and clean ceiling fans.
  • Close toilet lids. (This also happens to be our #1 pet peeve in listing photos)

Exterior Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Photographer

  • Get landscaping done 1-2 days before the shoot to give flowers and plants time to settle in and any access trimmings to blow away.
  • Remove outdoor recreation items like basketball hoops, soccer nets, trampolines, etc.
  • Remove trash cans and visible hoses.
  • Turn on all outside lights, and check that all light bulbs are working.
  • Turn on water features
  • Open umbrellas, clean off patio or deck furniture, uncover grills and pools, remove any security gates if possible.
  • Remove any seasonal or holiday decorations.

Tripp specializes in residential architectural photography and works with many luxury real estate companies. Tripp knows what it takes to properly showcase a house and make your listing stand out among the rest. He can create a custom package to cater to your needs including aerials, dusk shots, amenities and local neighborhood photos. Please contact Tripp Smith for scheduling and rates.